Case Studies

Single Event Promotions

Eyes Down Media floor Graphics have been used to alert the shopper, that a new product  in a crowded consumer arena is available. Especially important when shelf space is minimal. Floor graphic is directional and promotional in this scenario and especially effective for a seasonal promotion such as flavoured cider, winter cold remedies, and seasonal products launched to coincide with festive periods.

Classic Advertising Trail from Screen to Trolley

Floor Graphic Campaigns synchronised to go live in conjunction with Television advertising. Eyes Down Media regularly install floor graphic campaigns as advertising on television and  cinemas goes live. The Artwork often reflects this strategy to deliver "the final winning metres" of the overall campaign. 

National and International campaigns

This usually relates to televised national or international events and can bring promotions and advertising linked to sponsorship. Recent events include Britain's Got Talent, The Olympics, and of course The World Cup.

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